Pets and Babies

Pets and Babies

Pets and babies, no doubt bring immense joy and positivity in the household. But, at the same time they can sometimes give you a nightmare if not managed properly. Raising your baby around a pet has it’s own perks but you will need to manage the situation properly to avoid any chaos.

Raising your baby with a pet is certainly beneficial for your child’s mental and physical wellness but at the same time, it requires you to make some necessary preparations and lay some ground rules as well. Here you will get to know everything from the very beginning about raising your child with your pet.

There are several benefits of having a pet at your home while you are raising your baby which have been discussed here thoroughly. Still there are certain precautions that you must not overlook which too will be discussed in this article. So, keep on reading to find out all about it.

Pets and the newborn

Pets are absolutely lovable buddies who perfectly know to keep you and your family happy. But, you will first need to know how you can raise your small family member with your lovely pets and what things you should ponder over. You should make sure to train your pet in such a manner that it puts up it’s best behaviour around the baby. In this article, we would be considering only the four-legged pets like cats and dogs, which are the best cuddle buddies as well because a smaller pet like a reptile or fish won’t affect a baby’s presence much.

Normally dogs or acts do not require any separate arrangement or any special care. But, when you are going to welcome a new little member in your family you must have to consider many things. Many times new parents get worried about their pets around their babies and they are clueless how to handle them in certain situations. But, this is not a difficult thing to pull because many have done it successfully and so can you! In the following paragraphs, you will learn about the certain points which you have to consider while raising your baby with a pet.

Raising your baby with a pet around

There are several things that you should keep in mind if you are about to welcome a baby in the house and if you already have a pet. Of course you  allocate and decorate the baby’s room, bring in comfortable clothes, get the best toys, etc before the arrival of this new guest. You take care of each and every minor thing but parents  often forget to consider their pet as well.

Before getting the tips on raising your baby with your pet let us consider some points that you should never do in regard to your pet:

  • Abandoning your pet.
  • Taking less care of it
  • Keeping it separate from the family

Having a child does not mean you need to do any of the above-mentioned things. Raising your baby with your pet is just normal. It is like gifting your baby with a faithful friend quite early in life to have fun with. You must have heard of the saying that “Birds of a feather flock together”. You must remember that a pet is just like a small child and has mostly the same behaviour as the kid and that is precisely why the baby would love staying with the pet. But still, you have to take several precautions which we will be discussing later in the article to avoid any unpleasant circumstances.

Most of the babies love to enjoy their time with the pet at home. Let’s have a look at what it is that exactly makes your baby fond of  your pet:

  • The furry body of the pet makes them comfortable to lay on.
  • They love to play with your pet.
  • The babies like to roll all around the house with a friend doing the same with them.
  • The playful nature of both of them makes them a perfect match.
  • Babies love those who are totally interested in playing with them and this can be one of the most endearing properties of your dog or cat.

Not only these, there are several reasons too as to why a baby loves to spend time with the pet. It is even beneficial for you because sometimes you might not be available to play with your baby. At such times your pet would be a perfect play match for them. Sometimes it might become a burden for you to take care of both of them simultaneously. But, this burden can be considerably reduced if the responsibilities are properly shared among each of the family members. So, if done properly, raising your baby with a pet around would be in fact helpful for you rather than being  a burden.

Benefits of having a pet while raising your baby

Pets are the cutest and the most lovable creatures that an important part of your family as well. Babies or other small children in the house love the pets the most. They can play with them, be with them and this in itself makes both your baby as well the pet happy. The major benefits of raising your baby with a pet in the household are mentioned below:

  • Pets are the best cuddle buddies for your baby.
  • A pet can spend a whole day playing with your baby without getting tired.
  • Your baby will get regular physical exercise while playing with your pet.
  • You will also gain some time for yourself since your pet will be there to play with your baby.
  • Many times a pet is enough to stop a crying baby just by their funny expressions or movements.
  • A baby raised with a pet around is more physically active and happy.

Small babies love playing and they want someone engaged in playing with them continuously and obviously, as a grown up, you can get easily get bored of it but not your pet. Your pet can play all-day with your baby without getting even tired or bored. This will also increase the physical activity of the baby which will ensure that your baby has proper growth and physical as well as mental development.

Thus, having a pet will keep your baby both mentally and physically fit. Raising your baby around a pet will also help in making your baby’s immune system stronger and this has been proved by several researches conducted lately. A pet is a faithful protector and an early friend of your baby. It is from here that your baby will learn how to make friends. Babies get connected to pets emotionally and this will help in your baby’s emotional development as well. So, having a pet can be really beneficial for you as well as your baby.

Precautions to be taken

Although you have lots of benefits of having a pet around you while raising your baby, there are still some major precautions that must be considered.

  • While introducing your pet to your newborn baby, try to maintain a reasonable distance between them at first.
  • Always keep a doll or a toy with you when you bring your pet to your baby for the first time since your baby might get frightened and you might need to calm him/her down.
  • Never let your pet be all alone with your baby at first because your pet can sometimes get anxious and might try to be over friendly with the baby and unknowingly they might hurt the baby.
  • Make sure your pet is physically fit and healthy and up to date with all the required medications and vaccinations.
  • Babies are prone to licking anything but you must not let your baby to lick your pet’s body or consume the fur of your pet.
  • If your pet is having some kind of allergies then try to keep it away from your baby.

In the very beginning, you must be really careful when your baby gets to interact with your pet you have to abide by all the above mentioned precautions very strictly. But once your baby and your pet are used to each other, then you do not need to bother much after that.

Your pet is like the best friend of your baby but still developing a bond requires some time and in this time, you must take all the precautions into consideration. You must properly take care of both your baby and your pet. Especially their hygiene should be properly managed. You should take care of the cleanliness of your pet because your baby will be in contact with it all the day. So, never forget to take the precautions because as they say, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Taking care of your Pet and Baby

You have already  learned about the various tips and even the benefits and the precautions required to be taken while raising your baby with a pet in your home. In addition, you can consider some of the following tips while raising your baby with your pet:

  • Take proper care of the hygiene of your baby as well as your pet.
  • Give your pet a regular cleanup or bath to avoid any skin allergies or infection.
  • Make sure you clean up the poops of your pet which might be spread inside your home or in the garden.
  • You should never let your baby interact with your pet when your pet is unwell or anxious for some reason.

Difference between raising your child with and without a pet

Raising your baby without any pets around might be easier than raising with one but always remember it also gives you certain benefits which will also be beneficial in the growth and development of your baby in the long run. Even many of the researches have proved that having a pet around your baby boosts up their immunity and strength. When your baby is with your pet, they together enjoy playing with each other. A pet essentially teaches your baby how to make friends. And this is crucial for the development of a healthy human being.

Pets are even known to be hugely protective of babies. When the baby learn to crawl or stand, they have been known to use the pet as a support. Thus, your pet will also help your baby to learn walking. Your baby would be emotionally attached to your pet and this will help them to understand emotions as they grow up. Children who have been raised with a pet are in general more friendly and social than the ones who are not.

Final Words

Thus to conclude, having  a pet around your baby is beneficial in many ways. It ensures the baby has proper growth and development in all the ways. A pet also makes your baby stays fit by all the physical activities it performs with your pet. Not only this, even the growth of your baby’s immune system runs on a perfect track with a pet around. The most important aspect of a child’s growth is the mental and emotional growth which we are often so prone to  ignore.

A pet in your family adds to the overall fun and happy moments. Raising a baby and pet together always keeps your family happy and entertained and it also adds colours to your life. So, if you are worried about raising your baby with your pet, let me tell you that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about as long as you take care of the precautions mentioned above. Rest assured, it will be a rewarding experience both for you and the baby.

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